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Ramadan and Juliette

Asalaam walaykum and a warm hello from this Texas Native,

I’m Khadijah, a country girl who grew up playing in dirt, picking flowers, and climbing trees. I also enjoyed eating mangos and sugar cane on the front porch, fishing and crabbing. I’m from a small country town called Port Arthur, Texas where everyone is basically from Louisiana there, aayyyee, you know the vibes!

I created Ramadan and Juliette out of my love for Ramadan, decorating, family, and my culture. My Mother always made sure we had a deep love for Ramadan from young, hyping up each day, especially with all the good food we had to go with our worship.

2 years ago, I grew tired of having to hand make decor every year, especially a decent banner to display in my home and at our family Eid festivities. So this birthed my love child, Ramadan and Juliette. I created these designs with Muslims women in mind. Beautiful bold colors and culture for our houses, dorms, and apartments. We deserve to be fly in our spaces. I hope my designs bring joy, ease, and added beauty to your homes during the Ramadan season.

With all my love,

Khadijah T.